If you lease a commercial property, you are going to need to know what this term means and you are definitely going to need to know how it affects you and what your responsibilities are.

Residential Surveys FAQs

At Harrison Clarke, we find that a lot of our clients ask very similar questions when it comes to arranging a surveyor to inspect their potential new home. We thought it would be helpful to run through some of those commonly asked questions to ensure that you know exactly how selecting a surveyor, knowing how the survey process works and ensuring you are choosing the right survey for your property.

A comprehensive guide to Commercial Building Surveys

Preparing a Commercial Building Survey is one of the most complicated tasks that a building surveyor carries out, so it is crucial to have confidence in the knowledge and experience of the surveyor you choose for this complex job.

Party Walls – everything you need to know

If you are considering an extension to your property, or any building work that could affect a shared wall or adjoining property, read on for helpful information and guidance about what’s involved.