The Property Is Changing Ownership During Party Wall Matters

Every now and then someone will come to us with a tricky situation. They’re in the middle of dealing with party wall matters, and now there’s going to be a change of ownership. There’s often a lot of confusion about what should be done, particularly if the adjoining owner is in the process of selling […]

My Neighbour’s Ignoring My Party Wall Notice – What Should I do?

Picture the scene. You’re planning to extend your home. You’ve done all of the legwork, including getting a party wall surveyor to review your drawing, prepare your notices and serve them to your neighbour. You’ve done everything by the book, but you’ve hit a snag. Your neighbour hasn’t replied to your notice. Now what do […]

The Party Wall Act And Damages – What Happens Next?

So your neighbour’s doing building work, and they’ve damaged your property. Construction works can be loud, messy and destructive at times, so accidents can and do happen. The question is, where do you go from there? And more importantly, how do you work out where the fault lies, and who should be responsible for the […]

When Is A Party Wall Not A Party Wall?

Party walls are a very confusing area of property law, and it’s probably one of the most common areas we get questions about. Both building owners and adjoining owners tend to be unsure about what a party wall is and when the party wall act applies. So in this article, we explain exactly what a […]

Security for Expenses – Party Wall

At Harrison Clarke, our team of specialist party wall surveyors are often asked for advice around security for expenses, and how this relates to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Under Section 12 of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, adjoining owners can request that the building owner provides security prior to commencing their notifiable […]

Responding to Party Wall Notices – An Adjoining Owner’s Guide

We understand it can be confusing for neighbours when they receive a Party Wall Notice through the post. In this article, we explain how you go about responding to a Party wall Notice and what options are available to you as an Adjoining Owner. Who is an Adjoining Owner? When a Building Owner starts […]