Developers and The Party Wall Act

If you are a developer concerned about navigating the Party Wall Act as you embark on your building project, Harrison Clarke’s expert team of specialist party wall surveyors are here to help you.

Our extensive experience across a wide range of building projects makes us ideally placed to help you achieve a smooth running, successful construction project, including coming up with creative solutions to overcome party wall issues. 

How Harrison Clarke helps developers

Not only do we ensure that your party wall obligations are administered correctly, but we can also confirm which aspects of your plans are impacted by the Party Wall Act, as well as advising you on your most effective party wall strategy.

We can work closely with your design team to help overcome any challenges in relation to any notifiable works that adjoin, or are close to, your neighbouring properties. 

It is common for large scale building schemes to affect multiple neighbours, which can make your party wall obligations time-consuming and potentially complex to navigate. Our team is well practised in these scenarios and can efficiently and effectively manage all parties on your behalf. 

This takes the hassle away from you, leaving you free to focus on your building project and bring your vision to life. 


Why it is important to involve a party wall surveyor early in the process

Talking to a party wall surveyor in good time will help to prevent time delays and minimise the risk of your project costs increasing. 

At Harrison Clarke, we offer a consultation with one of our expert party wall surveyors, which can be used to identify notifiable works, highlight potential disputes with neighbours and spot any potential issues early enough to prevent delays on your project. 

As we mentioned earlier, large schemes often involve large numbers of neighbours which can add complexity to the party wall process. This can be time consuming to deal with, especially when disputes arise. So, you need to ensure that the timescales associated with party wall agreements are built into your schedule.


How the Party Wall Act affects developers

The positive aspect of the Act is that it allows you to make the most of your site by permitting construction works close to your boundaries or neighbouring structures. 

However, you must ensure that you take your obligations seriously and that notice is served when relevant. 

In order to maximise your benefits of these rights afforded to you by the Act, you will need to ensure that your neighbours are taken into consideration and that their buildings are suitably protected. 

The Party Wall Act protects your neighbours’ property from damage and provides a framework to resolve any disputes that arise. 

An experienced party wall surveyor has a vital role to play in making sure that your scheme runs smoothly, and that everyone is protected accordingly.


The process

Firstly, we will review your proposals to determine which neighbours are affected and what aspects of your scheme are notifiable under the Party Wall Act. 

We have a helpful video which can be found on our website or YouTube channel explaining our party wall consultations, which may help to ensure a strategic approach to your party wall matters. 

We will serve the notices on your behalf and liaise with all neighbouring parties. This takes the stress of dealing with neighbours away from you, giving you time to focus on your project. 

We also find that letting an independent surveyor manage your Party Wall Notices results in a better outcome for all parties. 

If your neighbours dissent to your proposals, we can act for you as your appointed surveyor, guiding you through your obligations under the Act. 

We will work either as agreed surveyor, or alongside your neighbour’s appointed surveyor, to draw up a Party Wall Award and resolve any disputes as efficiently as possible to prevent unnecessary delays to your scheme. 

However, remember that it is imperative that notices are served as early on in the process as possible, to help to prevent delays to your project.


How Harrison Clarke adds value

As well as being highly trained and experienced with party wall matters, our surveyors also have experience in overseeing crane and scaffolding licences on your behalf. 

Our personal approach to dealing with, and supporting, neighbours of construction sites means that we can achieve a positive result for all parties. 


How Harrison Clarke can help

We can work as an extension of your team, taking care of the specialist work involved in the party wall process with diligence and diplomacy, leaving you free to concentrate on your role as a developer.

For further guidance and useful tips and information on the range of surveying services we provide, you can read our blogs and watch our videos. These are available on our website and our YouTube channel


How you can contact Harrison Clarke

If you are a developer planning a construction project, get in touch with our friendly, expert and highly qualified surveyors for support through the party wall process. Call us on 023 8155 0051, or email

We would welcome the opportunity to help with any queries or needs you may have.

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Faye Williams, party wall and building surveyor at Harrison Clarke chartered surveyors.

About the author

Faye Williams,
BSc (Hons) MFPWS Senior

Surveyor & Winner of Young Property Person of the Year 2023

Faye joined Harrison Clarke in 2018. Faye found an interest in Party Wall surveying, and became a Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors in 2022.

Since then, Faye has set out a revolutionary approach to party wall instructions, by focusing on people and relationships, backed up by expert knowledge. Faye’s approach has saved building owners £1,000s in unnecessary party wall fees.