When Is A Party Wall Not A Party Wall?

Party walls are a very confusing area of property law, and it’s probably one of the most common areas we get questions about. Both building owners and adjoining owners tend to be unsure about what a party wall is and when the party wall act applies. So in this article, we explain exactly what a […]

Security for Expenses – Party Wall

At Harrison Clarke, our team of specialist party wall surveyors are often asked for advice around security for expenses, and how this relates to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Under Section 12 of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, adjoining owners can request that the building owner provides security prior to commencing their notifiable […]

Responding to Party Wall Notices – An Adjoining Owner’s Guide

We understand it can be confusing for neighbours when they receive a Party Wall Notice through the post. In this article, we explain how you go about responding to a Party wall Notice and what options are available to you as an Adjoining Owner. https://youtu.be/GD7A22QdBDE Who is an Adjoining Owner? When a Building Owner starts […]

What’s it like working with Harrison Clarke on party wall matters?

The chartered building surveyor and party wall surveyor team at Harrison CLarke chartered surveyors.

Building Owners planning construction works on their property have a lot to think about, including whether their plans will be impacted by the Party Wall Act. At Harrison Clarke, our priority is to support you, using our extensive experience in party wall matters to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. In this […]

Developers and The Party Wall Act

a brick wall

If you are a developer concerned about navigating the Party Wall Act as you embark on your building project, Harrison Clarke’s expert team of specialist party wall surveyors are here to help you. Our extensive experience across a wide range of building projects makes us ideally placed to help you achieve a smooth running, successful […]

Party wall consultations

The Party Wall Act can be confusing to navigate, and the processes involved with serving notices to your neighbours and managing their responses can be tricky. To make everything easier for you and to help your building project run smoothly, we now offer one-to-one consultations to discuss your proposals. This gives you the opportunity to […]

Planning an extension under the Party Wall Act

An extension being constructed on a home.

Our specialist Party Wall team of chartered surveyors at Southampton-based Harrison Clarke helps clients with Party Wall matters every day. In this article, we briefly explain what the Party Wall Act is, why it is needed, how it affects you when you are planning an extension, what your responsibilities are and why it is important […]

How to manage a last-minute Party Wall Award

A house extension being constructed

Harrison Clarke is a leading chartered surveyor in the Southampton area, and we have a specialist, experienced team that concentrates on Party Wall matters. Recently, we have received several enquiries where a building owner wants to start their construction works very soon, and they haven’t yet served a Party Wall Notice. In this article, we […]

Party Wall Notices – Freehold and Leasehold Neighbours

Peach and pink doors of neighbours

Harrison Clarke is a leading firm of chartered surveyors helping a variety of residential and commercial clients across Hampshire. In this article, we explain why it is important to consider if your neighbouring property has a freeholder and a leaseholder, in the world of Party Walls. Serving Notice to freeholders and leaseholders When neighbouring properties […]

What to do if your neighbour has started notifiable works without giving you Notice

A blue and yellow door of town house neighbours

It can be alarming if your neighbour starts building work that they haven’t told you about. You may be concerned that their work could impact or damage your own property. We have a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced Party Wall surveyors here at Harrison Clarke, who are helping property owners deal with this […]