Lease end dilapidations from a commercial tenant’s perspective

Shop window or a lease end commercial property As you near the end of your commercial lease, your landlord or their surveyor is likely to inspect the condition of your leased building and send you a Schedule of Dilapidations. This will detail the works required to ensure that you comply with your lease, along with cost estimates for completing the works. When […]

Lease end dilapidations from a commercial landlord’s perspective

A commercial building with large windows and blue frames. Harrison Clarke is a leading firm of chartered surveyors in the Hampshire area. With years of day to day experience in dealing with dilapidations, and an excellent track record of successfully handling dilapidations claim negotiations for our clients, we are ideally placed to answer these common questions raised by commercial landlords. My tenant’s commercial […]

What is the purpose of dilapidations?

A dilapitdated property showing a broken boarded up window.

Harrison Clarke is a leading firm of chartered building surveyors, serving many satisfied clients in the Hampshire area.  We pride ourselves on being experts in the specialist area of dilapidations.  In this article, we explain some key facts on this topic, including useful advice and tips. What is the purpose of dilapidations? The purpose of […]

Have you received a Schedule of Dilapidations? Don’t panic!

a schedule of dilapidations posts through someone's letterbox

Schedule of Dilapidations It can be a bit of a shock to be served a Schedule of Dilapidations from your landlord, in which they may claim you owe them an eye-watering amount of money. What is a Schedule of Dilapidations? A Schedule of Dilapidations relates to claims for damages from the landlord to the tenant, […]

A complete guide to dilapidations surveys

A wall being redecorated to blue paint.

If you lease a commercial property, you are going to need to know what this term means and you are definitely going to need to know how it affects you and what your responsibilities are.