Is a Party Wall process costly?

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As experienced Chartered Building Surveyors in the Southampton area, Harrison Clarke deals with party wall matters every day, and has many years’ experience in this area. First, a quick recap on the definition of a party wall… a ‘party wall’ is a wall that stands astride the boundary of land belonging to two or more […]

How long does a Level 2 Survey take?

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Why they cost what they do, and what to consider when you are comparing quotes At Harrison Clarke, we are often asked this question, and understandably so. The process of purchasing a property is usually time sensitive. The quicker you know about any potential pitfalls a survey may highlight, or the quicker you can be […]

Have you received a Schedule of Dilapidations? Don’t panic!

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Schedule of Dilapidations It can be a bit of a shock to be served a Schedule of Dilapidations from your landlord, in which they may claim you owe them an eye-watering amount of money. What is a Schedule of Dilapidations? A Schedule of Dilapidations relates to claims for damages from the landlord to the tenant, […]

The role of a chartered surveyor as an Expert Witness

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Why they cost what they do, and what to consider when you are comparing quotes Disputes can often arise in the property world. It might be over the quality of construction works, payments due under building contracts, conflicts about dilapidations or claims of professional negligence.  When someone involved in a dispute decides to go down […]

Frequently asked questions about residential building surveys

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Why they cost what they do, and what to consider when you are comparing quotes At Harrison Clarke, we understand how much people care about their homes, and how important it is that they are reassured about the structural quality and the safety of their home when they are looking to purchase a property. Here, […]

What you need to look out for when you’re buying a property in Portsmouth

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Buying a property in Portsmouth Portsmouth is the UK’s only island city, with one of the world’s best-known ports, a historic dockyard and rich history that can be traced back to Roman times. Its convenient location and bustling lifestyle make it a popular place to live. It’s always prudent to invest in a survey when […]

A complete guide to dilapidations surveys

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If you lease a commercial property, you are going to need to know what this term means and you are definitely going to need to know how it affects you and what your responsibilities are.

Residential Surveys FAQs

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At Harrison Clarke, we find that a lot of our clients ask very similar questions when it comes to arranging a surveyor to inspect their potential new home. We thought it would be helpful to run through some of those commonly asked questions to ensure that you know exactly how selecting a surveyor, knowing how the survey process works and ensuring you are choosing the right survey for your property.